Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's finally heeereeee! CONTROL Debuts Today!

In 2009, I started writing novels.

In 2010, I started writing CONTROL.

In 2011, in the span of one month, I signed with an agent, Eric Myers, and sold CONTROL to Penguin.

And now, at the very far end of 2013, my dream of becoming published novelist has finally come true.

For those of you who have already bought the book, I can't tell you how deeply honored I am to have my work in your hands. It is truly a miracle that anyone would buy something I created from the depths of my imagination. 

Just...incredible. It's a really weird thing to be on this side of the journey. A good thing, and a scary thing. I've a lot of emotions bubbling inside my head today, but the biggest one? Feeling so utterly grateful. There are so many people I'm thankful for, who supported me from day one.  My family, and closest friends and colleagues, but...

I also want to thank you, my fellow bloggers, for being such amazing cheerleaders. You've been there since the first day I started blogging and learning how to writing fiction. If this book entertains readers for even for a minute, than I've done a good thing. And you were part of making that good thing happen. 

I also want to take a moment to thank the CCHS community (Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, called Ondine's Curse in CONTROL) and the many individuals within it who have supported this book. The main character, Zelia, possesses this syndrome. If readers can become more aware of the brave patients and family members that live with CCHS every day, well then, that's another good thing done. Click here to learn more about CCHS, or the tab up on my blog! it is is. CONTROL, my book baby. Fly. Be free!

After the violent death of her father, 17 year-old Zelia loses her younger sister, Dylia, during an abduction at a foster care agency. It turns out her sister Dylia isn’t just pretty and sweet—she’s illegal. In the year 2150, DNA must be pure by law, and anyone with enhanced genes face death. Zelia’s only allies are the freak-show inhabitants of her new, underground foster home. Along with the unexpected love of a very strange boy, she will need her flaws and their illicit traits to save the only family she has left.

“Control blew me away, from the depth and richness of this fascinating, disturbing vision of the future—and all its technologies—to the twists and turns and suspense that made for a thrilling ride. Zel is as authentic a character as I’ve read in a very long time. Highly recommended.” — James Dashner, NYT Bestselling Author of the Maze Runner Trilogy 
“A sweet, edgy romance rounds out this smart, futuristic medical thriller.” Publishers Weekly
“Control, with its mix of legitimate science and inventive fantasy, is unforgettable for all the right reasons.”—VOYA
“Surprising twists, tender romance, and a fierce, smart protagonist make for a winning formula in Kang’s debut. CONTROL is tautly woven and breathlessly delivered—a thrilling read!”  — Jessica Khoury, author of Origin
“Control successfully integrates science, adventure, and romance into one unforgettable read. [It] will keep you wanting more until the jaw-dropping ending.” —RT Book Reviews, Top Pick
“CONTROL is a masterful debut, filled with everything I love in a novel: mystery, danger, and romance. Kang has crafted a world readers can easily fall into and won’t want to leave, complete with flawed yet lovable characters. I couldn’t put it down!”   — Elana Johnson, author of Possession
“Steamy, romantic . . . scrupulous attention to scientific detail adds authenticity.” —Kirkus 

Available! For real! FINALLY! On Amazon IndieBound Books A Million / 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Scorpion Pose Book Release Yoga

Hi everyone! It's after midnight and here I am, writing blog posts!

So, see that countdown widget over to the left? It's ticking down. I remember when it said 300. That was so long ago! And now, Control is nearly ready to be out in the world in only three more days. It's a pretty nerve-wracking feeling. It's exciting and scary and weird all at the same time. So many emotions I didn't expect!

It's been a crazy week so far. I did a fun radio interview for Mom Talk Radio that will air soon, as well as an interview for the Omaha World Herald that will publish in January. Mochi Mag highlighted my book on their site this week along with Amy Tan (not bad company!) and my interview came out online for Omaha Magazine. I revealed my book trailer! Control hit 10,000 add-ons on Goodreads. I'd never thought I'd see this either--a vlog review of my book. That was pretty cool! Thank you Juhina from Maji Bookshelf for the review!

And on top of all that, I'm knee deep in the middle of revisions for Control's sequel (tentatively titled CODE, though recently it was CATALYST. And that may change again too.) Actually, this is why I'm awake past midnight. No rest for the weary when it comes to a revision deadline. Ack!

This week is going to be about spending time with my family and really enjoying the holidays in the midst of launching my book. I'll be taking a break from revising, too. I plan on a lot of yoga breaks to relax, if necessary! See this pose? It's called the Scorpion pose.

Not sure if people were meant to have their toes massage their own scalps, but I digress.
I will NOT be doing that pose. I mean, please! My spine just doesn't do that.

But I just thought I'd think of that pose, and see if it relaxed me. Yeah. Well, if that doesn't work, I may do a down-dog that turns into a face-planting belly snooze. Now THAT will definitely lower my blood pressure. ;)

What about you? Are you surviving the holiday season? Does staring at that picture make your back ache too?

Monday, December 16, 2013

CONTROL Book Trailer Reveal!

Hi guys!

I'm revealing the book trailer for CONTROL over on the League of Extraordinary Writers today! Stop by and tell me what you think. I also discuss a little bit of the process of making the trailer, too. :)

Happy Monday!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Art Inspiration, Book Exhalation

Hi guys! I'm doing a post over on the League of Extraordinary Writers on "Art Inspiration, Book Exhalation" on an artist that inspired me when I wrote Control.

If you haven't already, check out the great book giveaways going on in the post below! Lots of chances to win Control!

This week, I was over at V.T. Bidania's blog, where she highlights lots of Asian-American authors. It was great to chat with her and she's got lots of great interviews with AA authors on her blog.

And Control is in the December YA Cover Contest over on Goodreads. Every vote counts, so please stop by if you can!

And My book is coming out in 15 days. 15! I can't believe it's so close. I also am swimming in edits for Catalyst (Control #2) so if I don't stop by your blogs this month, please forgive me! I'm drowning in social media and editorial Post-it Notes! (I love my Post-its. I need them like a dry turkey needs gravy.)

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Stay warm!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Giveawayarrhea and Interviews!

Lots of stuff happening this month! Okay, this week, even. And lots of stuff being given away. Giveawayarrhea is a way better problem to have then the gastrointestinal kind. :P

If you missed it, I was over at Literary Rambles for an interview and ARC giveaway.

I've loved Literary Rambles since I started blogging! Natalie Aguirre and Casey McCormick do a fantastic job highlighting agents for interested writers, write helpful posts on writing and publishing, and host regular interviews with authors. There's always a great giveaway going on! It's definitely a content-rich blog you should follow.

Ellen Oh and I are the subject of an article written by Maurene Goo over at Hyphen, a magazine geared towards Asian-Americans.

I met Maurene in Las Vegas and she is wonderful!
Here we are at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, in front of the YA tent where we had our panels! I look awful in this photo but Maurene is so cute it had to be posted!
Maurene wrote this incredibly intelligent and humorous contemporary YA novel about a Korean-American teen, Since You Asked. 
Ellen Oh is the author of Prophecy, a fantasy novel set in Korea and her sequel, Warrior, is out at the end of December too!

Finally, there are two more giveaways of CONTROL going on! Over at the Class of 2k13, I'm giving away swag packs and a finished copy of CONTROL.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And over at the League of Extraordinary Writers, there's an end-of-the-year giveaway going on too!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

GIVEAWAYARRHEA! The best disease to have, ever! I hope it goes viral and catches in the holiday season!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Medical Mondays: Scent of a Poison

This is not about Dior's perfume.

Did you know that certain poisons have particular scents? Next time you need to write a poisoning scene, keep these in mind!

Fruity: Acetone (not in the concentrations you find in nail polish remover) has a slightly fruity odor.
What poisons ingested by a person would cause this smell: isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), ethanol (drinking alcohol), salicylates, and chloroform.
When you might have smelled it: Diabetics who have very high blood glucose levels produce a lot of acetone in their system and may smell like this. People on ketogenic diets (like the Atkins diet) may produce this scent. Also, it's a characteristic odor carried by someone who's intoxicated from alcohol.

Bitter Almonds: Cyanide. This is a classic description of the smell of cyanide gas and is a trope in murder scenes. Keep in mind that some cyanide gases are odorless. And about a third of the population is incapable of smelling it anyway. It's a genetic thing. And finally, before you write this into your story, remember that in order to sniff this scent on someone who was poisoned, there's have to be a LOT of cyanide in the air, which would be unlikely in surreptitious poisonings, FYI.
Oh geez. Does that mean my almonds are poisoned? No! Almonds consumed today are the "sweet" variety, which have no cyanide. The "bitter" variety does in fact contain about 4-9 mg of cyanide per nut, but they are not used as food.

Garlic: arsenic, organophosphates (used as insecticides, herbicides, and weapons of mass destruction), thallium (used to be used in stress tests), selenium, and phosphorus, and zinc phosphide (which is used as a rodenticide. Apparently it attracts rodents but turns off birds, dogs, cats, etc.)

Mothballs: paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, camphor. All three are used in making mothballs. I made paradichlorobenzene in organic chemistry lab. Fun times! Camphor is what gives that cooling sensation in Vicks VapoRub and cooling gels. It's poisonous in large doses.

Kerosene: organophosphates, parathion (insecticides and acaricides--that's something that kills spiders and mites). Does anyone younger than age 25 even know what kerosene smells like? We used to have a kerosene heater at my house when I was a kid. It scared me witless.

Freshly Mown Hay: Ah, lovely scent. Too bad it's a sign of phosgene poisoning (a chemical weapon used in World War I)

Rotten Eggs: Hydrogen sulfide. Poisonous, corrosive, flammable and explosive. Basically, it's HELL. Also implicated as a cause of the Permian-Triassic extinction about 250 million years ago. Eep.

Wintergreen, or minty: Methyl Salicylate. I did a Medical Mondays on this one: (Wintergreen Party Tricks, Poison, and Ben Gay!)

Shoe Polish: Nitrobenzene. A compound that smells sort of nice and almost almond-y, used to mask bad odors in shoe polish, solvents, and floor polish. Highly toxic to the nervous system, absorbed through the skin, and a potent carcinogen.

Peanuts: Vacor, a rodenticide. Also goes by pyrinuron, and is no longer used in the US. Interestingly, it can kill insulin producing cells in the pancreas and cause Type I Diabetes.

Pear: Chloral hydrate, once used as a sedative gas. Some say it smells fruity, other describe it as "pungent."Still used a common chemical lab reagent.

Carrot or Parsnip: Water hemlock. The root and the oily liquid from it has this characteristic smell, which is no surprise since it's related to carrots. It's highly poisonous.

Disinfectant: Phenols and cresols. These compounds are found in a lot of places, like antiseptic throat sprays, Scotch Whisky, Sharpie markers, and Lysol spray. Here's a fun article, if you've time for it: "Why Does Scotch smell like Bandaids?" Phenols are corrosive and can cause burns and dermatitis.

Well, this post makes me want to sneeze. Here are some references, if you'd like to read on:

Oh, and a huge shout-out to my old friend Dr. Wasserman, who pointed out on FB that the esteemed head Dr. Lewis Goldfrank--as in the renowned Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies) made a "Sniffing Bar" to help ER residents associate scents with certain toxic chemicals. Here is the PDF of the published study. So cool! (And, no, they didn't actually sniff real toxins, only smell-alike, safe substances.)

Have a great Monday and Happy December! Don't let this post turn you off from ordering that almond-milk mochachino!