Friday, May 13, 2011

TBR Book Contest Winners, Zombie Ants, and LITBMB reminder!

Boy, did Blogger have a mild neurological/circuitry hiccup, or what? I'd prescribe some aspirin, personally.

Okay! So I finally did my random numbers and the winners of my TBR Book Giveaway and their books of choice are:

Heather, at Heather's Odyssey! She chose HOURGLASS, by Myra McEntire which comes out next month. Hey, that's on my TBR list too. :)

Emy Shin, who chose LEGEND, by Marie Lu and PLAIN KATE, by Erin Bow. Got to pick one of these, Emy! Let me know.

Christine Danek, who chose SHIFT, by Jeri Smith-Ready. I hadn't heard of this one, but it sounds great.

Okay guys, email me at lydiaykang (at) gmail (dot) com for deets. Congrats!

On another note, this week I got 1500 hits to my blog in three days. Was it my fantabulous writing? Did CNN hear about Medical Mondays and want to syndicate it? What?

So I searched my StatCounter account to figure out why so much traffic was coming my way. And it was because of this picture:

Yes, all those people came to my blog to read about Mind-controlling Fungus and Zombie Ants. I think there were a few new science articles that went on the web, and whammo. Searches for Zombie Ant pictures led them here. Here's the original post from last year, in case you're interested.

Have you ever had some weird searches lead people to your blog?

On one final note, this coming Monday the 16th, Leigh Moore and I are hosting the Laughter is the Best Medicine Blogfest! It's still not too late to sign up--click on the image at right for the Linky.

I'm so excited to see what everyone has in store for their jokes. I can't wait! See you all there!



Most interesting, Laughter is certainly the best medicine after a day without blogging.


Rachna Chhabria said...

Congrats to the winners. Blogger hiccup wiped most of the comments from my previous post. Looking forward to the Laughter Blogfest.

Jess said...

Those zombie ants and the mind-controlling fungus freak me out...but it's pretty darn cool too :)

notesfromnadir said...

Did you say "mild neurological/circuitry hiccup...?" Ha, you're very polite but accurate.

Congrats to the contest winners!

Also, I haven't heard or read much about zombie ants but just imagine if they were gigantic zombie ants--wouldn't that be far worse? :)

Emily Rose said...

That was nice of you to give Blogger some aspirin--it certainly needed it.:)

Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I once had "verisimilitude in rear window" as a search term. I have no idea what that means, and I know I haven't posted about it! :P (Although I have used the word verisimilitude.)

Olittle said...

Hahaha. Yes, my biggest traffic comes from people searching for people who have peed their pants. Yay.

Have a great weekend!


Christine Danek said...

OMG You are awesome. Is blogger finally up? Thanks so much! You're the best. And your writing is fantabulous!!

Have a great weekend!

Karen Lange said...

Blogger's back, hooray! Glad you survived mostly intact. I had to redo part of my Thurs. post, so damage control wasn't too bad.

Congrats to your winners! Happy weekend!

Emy Shin said...

Yay, thank you so much, Lydia! Emailing you now. :)

And zombie ants! That's so interesting. Mine's pretty tame in comparison.

Heather said...

Yay I won Hourglass! Thank you so much! Will be emailing you soon.

Munk said...

"The innate drive in living matter to perfect itself," sends people to my blog.

Munk said...

oh... maybe it's my website.

Ciara said...

I'm so excited everyone's blog is back up. Congratulations to the winners!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Ha! I guess that's proof that zombies are "in" right now :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Congrats to the winners!

So funny how people find our blogs, isn't it? Once someone got to me by Googling "Porno Jenny"... I'm certain they were disappointed. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No, but now I know what words I'm using in a post really, really soon!
And congratulations to the winners.

M Pax said...

Excellent on the mind-controlling zombie ants.

I've gotten weird searches for people I've never mentioned on my blog. ???

Wendy Lu said...

Yayy congratulations to all the winners! :) I had a ton of hits on my Inception movie review and my post on abstract art and its impact on the human mind. I wasn't really surprised about Inception...but the attention that abstract art post was certainly surprising!

I am also having a blogfest, "Inanimation," tomorrow, if you'd like to come join us. :)


Kelly Polark said...

Congrats to the winners!
Zombie ants? Mind controlling fungus? Someone has to include these in their book !
Looking forward to lots of laughs on Monday!

The Words Crafter said...

Yay!!! Congrats to all the winners!!!!

Hey, that was a cool article you wrote, I still remember it. It's one of my faves :) One of my biggest targets is called That Kind of's about autumn.

But it never hurts to drive people to your blog, right? 1500, that's a ton!

And a syndicated Medical Mondays would be super :)

Susan Fields said...

Congrats to the winners!

I hope Blogger takes that aspirin you prescribed! :)

DEZMOND said...

zombie ants are like honey to bees when it comes to new readers :))
I've noticed that I have the biggest number of visits when I write about super heroes.

Denise Covey said...

Hi Lydia. Congrats to all those who won books and to you Lydia for gifting them generously.

Hilarious about zombie ant hits. Now I know what to put in my subject line, ha ha..


Romantic Friday Writers - Second Challenge - Lost.

Old Kitty said...

SUPER DUPER congratulations to the winners!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Bad blogger! Bad! Take care

Victoria Dixon said...

I'm sorry about the crit on your villains, Lydia! If it's any consolation, Voldemort to me is uninteresting as a villain. He's essentially a serial killer and they don't really compel me to read. Snape, on the other hand, is fascinating and is about as close to villainy as an anti-hero can get and still be sympathetic.

Congratulations on all the hits! That's awesome. And kinda funny. ;D Viva la zombie ants!

Anonymous said...

Hello new here!

LOL zombie ant with a visual accompaniment! Thanks for the laugh!

Olga said...

I also love to do Google searches about zombie ants, in the morning, before my coffee and croissant :)

-E- said...

that fungus is pretty wild, though. i remember it from planet earth.

Beth said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I've had some pretty odd searches lead to my blog, though none come to mind right now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners.

People who are looking for free ebook downloads come to my site. Must be because I blog about popular books.

Have a great weekend.

LTM said...

LOL!!! So zombie ants are the secret... ahh...

and SO glad you were able to plug the fest one more time! My Thursday post was eaten, and I reposted, but most folks had already visited.

I'm ready for Monday! Bring on the jokefest... :D <3

WritingNut said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Hope you have a great weekend :)

Chris Phillips said...

Gawd you r SO popular! Best search words that ever led to my blog were "how to do chris phillips"

Anonymous said...

Woot! Congrats!

LisaAnn said...

Oh my gosh, I love the pic, Lydia! That is such a funny story... Also, I'm giving out awards on my blog today, and I gave you one... I'd love it if you stopped by to grab it! Have a great night! :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

You're just popular, Lydia. Your posts are informative, fun, and light-hearted. What's not to like?

And wasn't Blogger a bugger the other day? Have a great new week, Roland

Krispy said...

Congrats to the winners!

I love that zombie ants brought traffic to your blog. The most frequently used search term for ours is apparently stuff to do with Anakin's scar and robot unicorns.

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