Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Deal News: QUACKERY!

So this happened:


Okay, I had to get that over with. It's been almost three years since my last book deal, so yeah. Lots of celebrating!

But also, I guess this needs a little explaining? After all, I've published two YA science fiction novels, and whoa, here I am delving into the world of adult nonfiction.

Well, lately I've been thinking of my writing career with a different, larger perspective. I've published poetry, medical essays, research papers, and YA fiction. I've blogged about the writing process and with Medical Mondays, helping other writers with their medical accuracy. I'm still practicing medicine and trying to remember to buy that gallon of milk because we've been out of it for, oh, two days at the house.

Basically, lots of juggling. But what's been happening in the last few years, literary-wise, is that I've been finding myself drawn to certain projects because of the sheer fun of it. CONTROL and CATALYST are science fiction, but I don't see myself as only a science fiction writer. In fact, before those two books, I'd written a YA historical, and urban fantasy. I've wanted to write adult fiction, but the idea never came so I didn't pursue it before (I have recently, it's a recently completed WIP). Two years ago, I wrote a dragon fantasy set in Asia; before that, a MG magical fantasy; I've also written a contemporary/magical realism/paranormal book last year. Then there was the horror short story in AMONG THE SHADOWS.  I'm all over the place, because I'm passionate about a lot of story concepts. Some of these projects are actively looking for homes; others are quietly sitting on the back burner for another chance in the future.

But if there is one thing I'm consistent about, it's my love of science, medicine, and the human condition. They are the three threads, twisted together, that have taken me on a huge journey in the last several decades.

So I want to introduce you to QUACKERY. I'll be writing it along with Nate Pederson, a gifted journalist, librarian, and friend (he's the spouse of April Tucholke—she's responsible for bringing these two geeky heads together).

I'm SO excited. You have no idea what sorts of gross, fascinating, bizarre things I'm digging up for this book! 

*cackles impishly*

Also--please follow Nate on Twitter. He's new to Twitter, and I'm sure he'd welcome a hello from the writing community!