Monday, February 3, 2014

Mini Yeti At My House

It's been cold here. As in, freeze-your-tukas-off cold. After weeks and weeks of occasionally sub-zero weather, we got a few inches of snow. 

I found these in the fresh, morning snow:

Now, we know footprints at our house. We've got a few references to how to identify prints. Even scat. (No, I'm not going to show pictures, because I know you're probably eating breakfast.)

Usually, the prints show things like tail markings, or claw prints, or stuff like that. I can tell you that these are about 2 inches across, with a 7 inch stride. No tail markings. No long paw prints, like we see with the cottontail rabbits. It's too big to be a squirrel, and it's no four legged creature either, like a cat or dog or raccoon (usually you see the grouped front and back paw prints.) And they don't seem to be turkey prints, since they usually leave telltale three-toed marks.

Nope. This thing is bi-pedal. Walks upright. It's got narrow hips and, if I must say, a bit of a swagger.

My conclusion? The rare Nebraskan Miniature Yeti. Looks like this:

Okay, so my drawing skills have gotten a little rusty. And my Yeti looks like a furry tooth with questionable grooming habits and a piece of lint for a tail. And he looks mentally unstable, but in a happy way. But look at those dainty feet! 

Well, if you see the same tracks in your yard, beware people! It's on the loose!


Meanwhile, in the non-Yeti universe...some updates in the world of CONTROL!

I'll be in Chicago on Friday, February 7th for a school visit and evening book signing with Rachel Caine (yes, THAT Rachel Caine, of the NYT Bestselling Morganville Vampire series!) at Anderson's Bookshop (Two Doors East) in Naperville. 

I just found out I'm going to be on two YA panels at C2E2! (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo), which will be in April 25-27th! So psyched for this!

Glitter Magazine included CONTROL in their Books that Rock: Winter Reading list! Click here to download PDF.

And finally...I finished my revision of Control's sequel, tentatively titled CODE! Woot! That was a long, hard six weeks, y'all. So glad it's closer to be finished!

Hope you are all surviving the cold! Don't let the Yeti's get ya. :)


mooderino said...

My guess is a mouse on a pogo stick.

Moody Writing

Jenny Woolf said...

Maybe they're meerkats :)

Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats on all the awesome things going on for you and your book. Awesome you're going to these school visits and conferences.

I'd love if you shared what a school visit to a high school (or middle school if that's where you're headed) is like.

SA Larsenッ said...

Ooh, maybe we have a yeti, too. ;) And at this point in the winter, I no longer have a tukas. Frozen right off, I tell yah.

Woot! for Control's movement.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Get a picture and you'll make millions!
You have some major events coming up.

Deb Salisbury said...

LOL! You've made my morning. I love your mini Yeti, and I'd love to see a photo of your critter, should you ever catch it in the act.

Congrats on all your appearances, and on the finished revision!

Barbara Watson said...

Interesting! When I walk my dog, I love looking at the tracks in the snow and seeing 'who' else has been where we are.

And YAY for all the CONTROL fun!!

Southpaw said...

Yup, those are some weird tracks. I like to pogo stick comment!

YEAH for Control. Super congratulations.

Shelly said...

Ha! Love the yeti. Congrats on all the great work done- what a great feeling that must be!

Carol Riggs said...

Aw! Cute toothsome li'l yeti. :) Congrats on finishing your revision, woo! and your inclusion in the Books That Rock. I'm glad CONTROL is doing well!

Angela Brown said...

YAY for the great things happening with Control and for CODE to come.

Ref: And my Yeti looks like a furry tooth with questionable grooming habits and a piece of lint for a tail. And he looks mentally unstable, but in a happy way.

I. Can't. Stop. LOLiing!

J E Oneil said...

I wish I could be in Chicago for those panels :). Good luck in finding your yeti.

Jessie Humphries said...

I like how you have deemed the Yeti to have a swagger! Wow, cool things coming up in Chicago, eh? Me and my Skycape girls are going to come to Chicago next year perhaps. Lori Lee is in charge of that one. Fingers crossed I get to see you again!

Slamdunk said...

He must be there to steal a copy of your new book. I wish Amazon was more Yeti friendly...

Karen Lange said...

I agree, it's probably a mini yeti. They are pretty rare, I'm thinking, but they do come out when it's really cold.

Catherine Stine said...

Congrats on all of the fun appearances you have going on, and on finishing CODE.

Kelly Polark said...

I think it was a snow gnome.

Looking forward to your book signing on Friday! I'm about an hour and a half away so weather permitting but I do think Friday is clear of snow so far! Yay!!!

LD Masterson said...

Sorry to agree but your Yeti does look like a furry tooth. I think mood was close with the mouse on a pgo stick but I see two feet so I'd see a mouse walking on stilts.

Great news on the sequel and congrats on all the other good stuff.

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