Friday, June 28, 2013

Control Swag for SuperSwag Sunday!

Hey guys! Here's the rafflecopter for today's giveaway which includes CONTROL goodies!
Thanks, and check over at Laurisa's blog for more stuff!

I'm at ALA today, hopefully not flailing like an eejut. Will report back next week! 
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going to ALA!

Hey guys! I'm going to the American Library Association's annual conference in Chicago this weekend.

Have you ever gone? It's my first time and I'm excited and nervous! In case you're going to be there, here's my schedule:

Friday at 11 AM, I'm in a panel with fellow Class of 2K13ers with Veronica Roth.
There are already almost 400 people signed up for it, which is sorta freaking me out. Also, Veronica Roth (Did you hear Divergent is becoming a movie? Like, now? OMG) is moderating, which also sorta freaks me out. And also, I'll be stuffing almost 160 swag bags with classmates the night before. I might get a stuffing-sprain.

Friday from 4-7PM, I'll be at the Bookcellar for Demitria Lunetta's IN THE AFTER book release and Class of 2K13 book/swag signing.
I'll be reading a passage from CONTROL. I haven't decided which passage to pick. I might decide, oh, five minutes before. Because I'm indecisive like that.

Friday 7:30-9:30 I'm going to try to make it to the Chicagoland Kidlit Drinks Night/YA Highway/Stacked ALA13 party. Come if you can! I'll be the person in the corner passed out from sensory overload, not alcohol.

Saturday, I will be recovering and wandering aimlessly around ALA in a daze. If you see me, feel free to hand me coffee and snacks. I will not say no. Also, I'll probably be carrying around swag so ask and I'll be happy to give some out!

CONTROL arcs will be given out at the Penguin booth and I'm going to try to snap a picture!

Are you going to ALA? If so, let me know in the comments or email. I'd love to meet and say hi!


One last thing. So...there's this new New Adult author who wrote this fantastic, 
hyper-awesome romance called SPIRAL
It's such a great book, with depth, and heart, and intelligence, and epic amounts of romance. 
 The author is Mila Ferrera and if you'd be interested in being part of her upcoming blog tour (I'll be in it!) called "Always Do The Thing That Scares You" click here. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

IN THE AFTER release!

(Hey, so after posting on my blog at a sloth's pace, I'm a blogging maniac this week. Heh heh.)

My fellow Class of 2k13er's book, IN THE AFTER, is releasing today! 

"Debut author Lunetta crafts a bang-up, twisty sci-fi adventure/thriller that begs continuation. Plucky, smart, inquisitive Amy’s first-person narration is enjoyably snarky, and this end of the world is original enough to make it a good addition to any collection of post-apocalyptic fiction. Fans will be rabid for In The End, scheduled for summer 2014. (Science fiction. 13 & up)"   Kirkus

“Consuming! Fascinating and full of twists. Scary in the best way! I couldn't look away. Once you start this book you won't close it until the story's over ... and then you'll sit there wanting more.”  – Sophie Jordan, New York Times Bestselling author of THE FIRELIGHT SERIES.

“Part adventure, part mystery, Demitria Lunetta's IN THE AFTER is an exciting and scary read that had me hyperaware of every noise, every breath, and checking over my shoulder for monsters. This book completely consumed me.” – Jodi Meadows, author of the INCARNATE TRILOGY.

Check out the chilling trailer!

Purchase it online: AmazonBarnes and NobleIndiebound

Monday, June 24, 2013

Super Swag Sunday!

Hey guys! It's here!  SUPER SWAG SUNDAY!!!

When:  June 24th thru July 1st


Why:  For a chance to win lots of cool promotional items signed by 55 of today's best middle grade and young adult authors!

Every day for seven days, Laurisa's blog will spotlight some of the most amazing new books for kids and teens! Monday thru Saturday visitors will be able to enter for chances to win one of 6 swag packs containing everything from signed bookmarks and postcards, to pins, pencils, totebags, stickers, key chains, lip balm, charms and more!

Good luck! And hope you guys get to win some stuff!

(FYI: CONTROL will be highlighted on her blog on Friday--will post a reminder then!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Q & A with Demitria Lunetta and a Cumby Confession

Hey guys! I'm interviewing fellow Class of 2k13 member Demitria Lunetta (I know, I know--her name is so crazy gorgeous!) on her post-apocalyptic book, IN THE AFTER, which releases from Harper Teen on June 25th.

Some more items:

1. THANK YOU for all your well wishes on my post-Start Trek gastrointestinal disaster. Not exactly post-apocalyptic, unless you're talking intestinal flora.

2. I got to guest teach a local creative writing class for highschoolers and test read the first chapter of my WIP and I *think* it was well received. I heard a rumor they were still talking about it in geometry later, so I'll consider that a win. :D

3. Also, I have a terrible, terrible crush on Benedict Cumberbatch that rivals my Loki crush (thank you, Star Trek-Into Darkness, my gateway drug). I'm rapidly consuming episodes of Sherlock as we speak.

Here's Cumby, in case you haven't met. Some sugar for your AM coffee. ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Star Trek, Food Poisoning and Best Intentions

So last night I saw Star Trek.  I really loved all the Wrath of Khan parallels and had fun drooling over Spock. Also, Bones's reliance on metaphors was hilarious.

Afterwards, hubs and I had a little dinner and dissected the movie. I drank a few diet Cokes, thinking--I'm gonna use some of that movie inspiration to fuel a little late night writing fest! It's gonna be awesome!

Right? Wrong!

Two hours later, I got hit with debilitating nausea (visualize me hugging pillows with my head on the floor, because my bed--that's right, my soft cushie bed--was making me nauseated.)

I sounded like this:

"Don't pat my back, it's making me sicker. Please stop talking, it's making me more nauseated."
"I hate throwing up. I don't want to throw up. This would all go away if I threw up. But I hate throwing up."
"Why am I not throwing up yet?????"

(I have a slight case of emetophobia (fear of vomiting), if you haven't figured that out yet).

Two hours after that, I had chills, more nausea (still no puking!), a racing heart beat, cramping and sweats. I thought, I am dying. My innards are festering with the bad kind of E. Coli and my bowels are going to explode soon. It's going to look like the Ebola virus played jump rope with my small intestines. Food poisoning SUCKS. 

And the best part? All that caffeine I drank to keep me awake for my anticipated writing session? KEPT ME AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME. So I had little mini convos with myself all night long.

"Wow, it's three o'clock. What is the half-life of caffeine again?"
"No more house salads for me. For now on, I'm eating preservative-filled food. Nothing fresh. Tomorrow my menu will be  100% Twinkies, if I can find them."
"Wow, my heart rate is going at 120! I wonder if I'm in atrial fibrillation? Yes? No?"
"I want to throw up! I hate throwing up! I need to throw up! Why am I not throwing up?"

Etc, etc.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now, albeit REALLY sleep deprived and sort of zombie-ish.

Hope you all are having a good Monday. Mine is sort of south-of-meh so far.

Monday, June 3, 2013

SNI head-whacking

I've bit slapped in the head with a shiny new idea. This happens to me every few months, and I've now about three books sitting in my noggin, waiting to be written after the CONTROL series is wrapped up.

Except, erm. This one took fanatical possession of my fingers and I'm writing it now. It's fantasy. And I'm nuts.

In the words of Edna Mode, "This has completely confiscated my LIFE, dahling." 

Yep. That sums it up.

Are you guys writing anything new this week? Reading anything newish?