Monday, December 17, 2012

A Way to Help in the Face of Tragedy

I'm still in shock from the terrible killings in Newton, Connecticut. The media is on fire with details of the events, some of which are burned into my psyche now. Social media is pouring out discussions on gun control and the state of mental health treatment in our country. And all the while, it's still incomprehensible to me.

With all my heart, I wish I knew with absolute certainty that my family will be safe every time they step out into the world. Only a little while ago, there was a shooting at the Von Maur minutes away from my home. I saw the towers fall on 9/11. No place is truly safe. I know there are no guarantees in life. But to be reminded of this by the slaughter of innocents -- it's too much.

Why, why did this have to happen?

I wish I had answers and solutions.

I can do a little something, as little as it is. And something is better than wallowing in despair.

Shelli Johannes and Miral Sattar have put together an auction to help.

I've donated a query critique and a first-five pages critique. All the proceeds go to benefit Newtown Youth and Family Services.

For details on the Auction, please click here at Publishing Hearts Connecticut. 

In the meantime, love your loved ones. Appreciate every day you have. Even in the face of these unconscionable events, I have hope for this complicated, precious, and sometimes heart-breaking world we live in.

Be brave, and live.