Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I always/never______!

Hey guys. Today I have to answer my own question for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog.

It's my question. I'm kind of kicking myself for thinking it up.

"In my writing, I always/never______."

Of course, any absolute statements mean that at some point in time, I'll look back on this post and laugh my a** off. So, take this all with a modicum of sodium chloride.

I always
...write in first person POV. I'm scared to write in third person. Seriously.
...plot. I do pants my scenes, but overall, plotting is my method.
...create main characters who think they are ugly or don't think much of their outward appearance.
...write YA, when it comes to fiction.
...create female MC's.
...make sure there is a scientific theory behind any paranormal element, if writing paranormal.

So, do you have any hard and fast rules that have come to epitomize your writing?

Please take a moment to check out Laura's post from last week, and stay tuned for Sarah's and Deb's in the coming weeks!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I always write in third person POV and I never go into long, boring technical detail.
That work?

Laura Pauling said...

I always plot first.
I always have complicated plots with lots of twists.
I always write in the past tense.
I always write for children or teens.

But I've written in both 3rd and 1st; and had both male and female pov.

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

I always write in 1st, 3rd also scares me and just isn't my preference.
I always write in present tense
I create two POV's, one male and one female and then alternate.
I always have one emotionally unstable character,
I always have a psychic (so handy).
I always write Myth Creatures
I always write YA
I always let doubt creep in more than it should ;)

Jess said...

I love that you have scientific theories behind paranormal aspects of your books! I'm still learning and don't have mainstays or consistent rules at this point. I tend to experiment a little :)

Anonymous said...

Great list!

I bet you could do third person POV. ;)

Liz Fichera said...

I always break a writing rule...or two. ;-)

AlexOngNYC said...

I'm totally a 3rd person kinda person.

Breakfast Every Hour

Angela Felsted said...

I always . . . overeat when I'm in the middle of writing something and get stuck. It's like food is my answer to stress. This is not good.

Lisa Potts said...

I always have chocolate in the house when I'm writing and editing. Does that count?

storyqueen said...

In my writing, I never think it's going to be as much work as it is each time.

Vicki Tremper said...

Hmm, I always outline, too. I never pants it. I always use a lot of initial conjunctions in my writing (I'm working on that one). I always write about something I have some sort of personal connection to.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I always create characters with a void in their life that can only be filled with love.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I always write my poems first, then as I am copying them onto my blog I write something different altogether, so now I don't plan so much when I write,


Carol Kilgore said...

I've always been a pantser. I'm trying to change that.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Always are much easier to come up with than the nevers.

I always outline first.
I always know my keys characters really well before I outline.
I always focus on emotion (okay, maybe not necessarily in the first draft).
I almost always write in first person.
So far, I've always written YA.

Anne Gallagher said...

I always write dialogue first.
I never plot or outline until I'm at 50,000 words.

Jayne said...

I always get too caught up with editing what I just wrote. Need to just move on!

Connie said...

1. I always write in past tense. (Though I've done both 1st and 3rd pov and male and female MCs.)

2. I always underwrite, even though I don't want to.

3. I always discover who my characters are as I write, regardless of how much pre-writing/character journaling, etc., that I do before I write.

Matthew MacNish said...

I've only written one novel, so I'm not sure I am allowed to use terms like always or never.

I love your courage for doing so, though!

Bossy Betty said...

I always procrastinate! (Guess that isn't really the answer you are looking for, but it's the truth!)

Rachna Chhabria said...

I always write in third person POV. Want to try the first person, as I love it.

Melissa said...

OOOOO, I love that you have a scientific theory backing up your stuff! So awesome!

I always write first person, present tense (easier and I feel more connected that way).
I always procrastinate.
I always cycle between confidence and self0doubt - I can never be happily in the middle.
I always hear voices in my head before a character exists.

Heidi-"Heidi in Real Life" said...

In my writing, I never make fun of anyone (unless they're Charlie Sheen). In my writing, I always try to make it funny. Interesting questions to pose! ;-)

Krispy said...

I always write with some element of fantasy/magic/paranormal, and I always write in third (1st freaks me out).

Critique Sisters said...

My hard and fast rule is that I write in third person. Some day I want to break that rule but it is my happy place.

~Heather of CSC

Carol Riggs said...

Neat list! You gonna break any of these some day? I write ONLY in 3rd person limited; doubt I'll break that one. I've written 3 novels with guy MCs though, and some of them are good looking (interesting that yours aren't!). I like that you incorporate scientific theory behind your paranormal elements!!

Tracey Neithercott said...

I always write first person.
I always have female main characters (though I'd love to be able to create a realistic boy).
My main character always has a dead (I'm not sure why since, thankfully, mine is living.
I always write a short first draft and fill in details during revisions.
I always cut a lot, despite the fact that I write short.

mist of the blossom rain said...

I usually write my fiction in first person as well, but I am thinking of writing a new story I am starting in third. I also make my MC's girls as well. Does that have something to do with the fact that I am a girl?

Lynn Andrade said...

I never know exactly where a story will end up.

alberta ross said...

Hi - I have an award for you at my place

Hannah Kincade said...

I always write. That's my only rule. All else is up in the air.

jbchicoine said...

I'm having trouble coming up with one thing I ALWAYS do...

...okay, so far, I always include a setting with water (ocean, lake) nearby...oh, and I always kill off characters...

Jennifer Hillier said...

I always write in third person and often have multiple POVs.

I never know exactly where the story is going until I get there.

Old Kitty said...

I get easily distracted and procrastinate a lot. A lot!

I am also a bad, bad, bad panster!!

take care

Alleged Author said...

I always write in first person as well. But I think I will start trying something new. My next wip will be in 3rd person! Let's hope it isn't a miserable failure. :P

Meredith said...

I always write a female MC in first person, too. That's what I prefer to read and to write, I guess. Great question!

Copyboy said...

Never try to write funny it will always bite you in the ass...hard.

Karen Lange said...

I always keep a notebook of writing ideas, otherwise they get lost on my desk.

I always read my work aloud to check to rough spots and mistakes.

I never go a week without eating chocolate.

Have a great weekend,
Karen :)

Jonene Ficklin said...

I'm not perfect at it, although I'm trying hard, but my best rule is: just write. My second rule is easier: just read (ah, lovely books). My third rule is: improve any way I can. Thank heavens for writers' groups, workshops, books, blogs, the internet, and the many, many people who are smarter than I am. Thanks for being one of them!

Ghenet said...

We have a few of these in common! I also always write in first person POV, plot (although I also plot out my scenes) and write YA with female MCs. :)

Beth said...

I don't think I have any hard and fast rules. I've written in both 1st and 3rd person, I've written for different age groups and I've both planned the story and written off the cuff.

The Red Angel said...

In my writing, I always create character profiles and outline like crazy before starting the actual project. I [almost] never write without some music to get me going. :)

Great post Lydia!


M Pax said...

I always keep an open mind.

My characters always seem to be seeking a new way of life or some sort of redemption - forging their own path.

Heather Taylor said...

I always seem to employ lots of conflict. I never quite get the handle on how to write for comedy just right.

Steph said...

oh, worthwhile exercise! I prefer to write in 1st person as well. WHen I write in 3rd, I have a hard time and jump back and forth!

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