Friday, January 21, 2011

600 Followers Giveaway! Come Get Herpes! Or a Gift Card. Your choice.

I've been thrilled to meet so many new bloggers lately. In honor of hitting the 600 mark, I'm going to completely geek-out on this giveaway.

Nope. I'm giving away diseases. Risk free!

(OR, if you're totally grossed out, then yes, I will instead offer a $10 Barnes and Noble Gift card instead.)

I'll be giving away to FOUR lucky winners.

Nothing necessary to enter except leave a comment, your email address, and tell me which disease you are dying to have!

One of my all time favorite plush microbes, this is Syphilis. Cute and sexually transmitted. Not a good combination!

It's not a sunny side up egg, but the sun may cause an outbreak on your lip. A big round of applause for Herpes!

So innocent, yet responsible for deadly epidemics and ouchy vaccines.
Say hi to the Flu!

This is not the machine from the Matrix movie. It's E. Coli. Don't let him touch your hamburger patties.

This little clucker, Chicken Pox, left me a few scars on me way back when. I've forgiven him.

For all you beer-loving people out there, this is the guy that make all that bubbly goodness happen. Say hi to Beer Yeast.

This blue guy is the Common Cold, or Rhinovirus. Yes, you've all had it. But now you can snuggle up to it and not be snotty at the same time!

So don't forget. Tell me which one you'd like, your email address and a comment.

(AND if you'd prefer, let me know if you'd rather have the bookstore Gift Card!)

The giveaway ends on February 4th, so spread the word, and spread some fluffy germs!


Laura Pauling said...

I can't believe they came up with stuffies for diseases! I don't think I can list which one I'd want because I wouldn't want any of them! :)

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL I think the common cold is the safest way to go--on second thought--the gift card!
congrats on so many followers:)

lbdiamond said...

Ha! Beer yeast is cuuuute!!! LOL!

Congrats on all the followers, Lydia--you've got a great blog and it shows! :D

(Erm, you know my e-mail, LOL!) ;)

Linda Kage said...

They're all so cute!! (can't believe I just said that about such nasty diseases). But I think my favorie are Syphilis and E. Coli.

Congrats on your 600 mark!! That is so amazing. I'm still in awe that I reached 100 followers myself. 600 is just totally out there.

Bryan Russell (Ink) said...

Ooooh, gotta go with the flu. I'm oddly fascinated by virology, and I find myself continually reading books about the 1918-19 flu pandemic.

Carol Kilgore said...

I love this! I'm a beer lover, but I really love Chicken Pox and Herpes. Does that sound weird or what - LOL.

tikihuttime AT gmail DOT com

Callie said...

HAHA. You've made me smile. I'm going to opt for the gift card though (as tempting as it is to have a "real" reason to call in sick...)

Karen Lange said...

Clever idea! Congrats on 600 followers! What a great milestone.

I think I'd prefer the gift card disease, given the choice. :) Thanks for doing this.

Have a great weekend,

chloe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
traciet said...

Chicken pox is cute but I'd prefer the gift card!

Heather said...

What a fun giveaway! While the disease representations are cute in a disturbing way, why don't you go ahead and put me down for a gift card entry? If I 'won' a disease my hubby may not be thrilled. ;)

Talli Roland said...

I love those 'toys' so much! :) What a great contest, Lydia - and congrats on the 600 followers!

Olga said...

LOL! Can I get I a gift card, please.
Still laughing.

Krispy said...

Congrats on the followers! This is a totally cute but relevant contest too!

LOL, those disease things are so funny! I think I have some kind of bacteria one; I forget exactly which disease it is. It's green.

Syphilis is cute but also kinda creepy, and I think the Common Cold is cute too. But I think the Flu wins out. It's less...weird and doesn't actually remind me of a disease. Haha.

Kristin Rae said...

Ok those are adorable! But seeing as how I have no reason to acquire stuffed creatures, I'd opt for the gift card :)


Congrats on all the followers!!!

Dan said...

Hahaha!! That's awesome! I guess I'd have to go chicken pox. Almost forty and I've never had it.

Congrats on 600 followers. I'll be excited if I ever reach 100.


M Pax said...

I'll take the E. Coli. lol Can't believe they make horrid diseases look cute.

Pk Hrezo said...

LOL! You're a trip. I think I'll have to go with the ol chicken pox sent my daughter just had them and once again I coasted thru unscathed.

Congrats on 600!

Sarah said...

This is utterly awesome and completely original, Lydia. I'm kinda sad that the gift card option was even necessary. This one is hard ... syphilis is adorable in a sinister way, and rhinovirus looks angry while managing to be entirely alluring. I guess I'll have to go with beer yeast, though ... most relevant. Enough said.

strangestsituation (at) comcast (dot) net

Nicole Zoltack said...

What fun! I pick the gift card even though I think Syphilis and Herpes are too cute! I so can't believe I jsut typed that, lol

Congrats on 600+ followers!


Clarissa Draper said...

I want herpes! Love yellow and could use a cuddle.

email: clarissadraper at gmail dot com

Congrats on the followers.

Ciara said...

Okay, my little guy who just had surgery is sitting on my lap, and pointed at the little "bue" guy. I guess I have to say Rhinovirus. :)
CONGRATS! Wow, 600, that's amazing. I'm celebrating my 100 mark, but I've only been on Networked blogs for a couple months. :)

mshatch said...

too funny - I work at a vet and we have fleas and ticks hanging in our waiting room - lol. I'll take the gift certificate.

Jolene Perry said...

I will take the flu. I'm an expert at dealing with the flu. I haven't been by here in a while! I always come over on Mondays though... fascinating.
On a side note - my cousin just finished med school last year and we got her all those stuffed critters as a present. Works perfect since she's a pediatrician.

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

I will take a little touch of the cold, please. Just enough so that I can make myself relax and stay in bed - normally not possible.
And congrats on the 611 mark! I'm about to become 612. I am at 98. So close to 100! So close!

L.A. Colvin said...

Oh my gosh. Would I sound weird if I said those are sooo cute. heheh hhmm I like the flu I think. The color is really nice. Great to meet you and love your blog.

L.A. Colvin said...

I meant the cold. Maybe I need to check my temp now. Or put on some glasses.

The Happy Whisk said...

I'd heard of these but not seen them until now. Very funny. Congrats on going past 600 and thanks for the funny post. Those things are great. Until next time, eat well.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Would it be wrong if I said EColi was adorable?
wolferock AT earthlink DOT net
Congrats on hitting 600!

roxy said...

Congrats on the many followers. You are awesome, Lydia! Most of the plush diseases are actually kind of cute, but E. Coli creeps me out. Funny post.

walk2write said...

Wow! 600! You're the first doc/writer blogger I've come across so far. I'll definitely be back. Medical mystery (is that a genre?) fascinates me. Robin Cook and Michael Crichton are two of my faves. Chicken pox is adorable. Weird! I wonder if I should let my grandson play with a disease? Thanks for visiting my blog, following, and leaving such a lovely comment. Have a wonderful weekend!

Melody said...

Well, you can't go too wrong with the common cold. A good excuse to curl up with a good book and hut mug of tea.

But then, one needs a bookstore gift card to buy the book. :) So I'll opt for that, hehe.


Shannon said...

This give away is awesome - perfectly suited for you. Brilliant!

I don't normally enter contests, but you know what? This one is too damn funny. I'm in! Chicken Pox for the win.

Congrats on all of the followers! Impressive!

Brad Jaeger said...

Oh how I wish that I had the flu!


The Red Angel said...

Haha this is so adorable! :) I can't believe they have disease plushies now. Even if they're evil on the inside, they sure are cute as heck on the outside!


Brooke said...

I want Herpes! I love these. I got my friend Mono for Christmas.

Thanks so much!

Joanne Fritz said...

Ooo, ooo, I want the flu!

This is hilarious, Lydia. Such cute diseases.

Congrats on all the followers.

Susan Fields said...

Congrats on 615 followers (as of right now)! Now this is an unusual giveaway, I've never seen herpes as a prize before. :)

Jai Joshi said...

Congrats on going over 600 followers! That's so cool!

I love this giveaway. I want the common cold. That blue is too cute!


Donea Lee said...

Bring on the syphilis, please! :) And congrats on your 600+ followers!!

Dancing Through Life said...

Those are the cutest diseases...I especially like Herpes, the flu, chicken pox and the little beer yeast beast!
congrats on 600!

Patricia A. Timms said...

Too funny! I love this. I like the rhinovirus guy but the gift card might ward him off.

congrats on your 600 plus followers.

Patricia A. Timms said...

My husband is forcing me to comment again. He says to forget the rhinovirus and the gift card, he would like syphilis (not literally). He's still laughing. So change mine to syphilis.


Patricia A. Timms said...

This isn't my fault. I'm not even in control anymore. My husband says I should have included the song. Here it goes:

"It all started with a simple kiss, now it even hurts to piss, oh I want syphilis!"

I say, "Isn't it, 'I have syphilis'?"

He says, "I don't have him yet. I want him."

That's the last one, promise! I'm tying hubby up right now. Have a great day.

Emy Shin said...

Congratulations on 600 followers, Lydia! :)

And oh! These plushies are absolutely adorable -- I really can't choose between Syphilis and the Flu! (...that sounds wrong, doesn't it?) In the end, I think I'll have to go with the Common Cold.

emyblogs [at] gmail [dot] com

Beth said...

I think I'll go for the gift card, but thanks for asking! (Oh, and I'm Canadian -- don't know if you ship internationally.) Thanks!

Donna Hole said...

I never had the chicken pox as a kid. Perhaps that would be a good way for me to get a couple weeks off the day job to get some writing done.

donnahole at gmail dot com

Congrats on the 600 followers :)


Arlee Bird said...

Congratulations on reaching 600. I'm allergic to stuffed toys, well not really but... Hey, that sounds like a future blog post!

Tossing It Out

Bee said...

I didn't know diseases could look so adorable. But I currently have the common cold and it's giving me a heache 24/7, so I'd safely opt for the gift-card.

Congrats on reaching 600 followers!

Chris Phillips said...

I would like for you to give me syphilis.

They make a good gonorrhea too.


Lola Sharp said...

OMG, I LOVE this contest! First, I find it hilarious that they even make disease plushies. Love it. They're all actually very cute. I want one!

Second, and most importantly, CONGRATS on your 600 + followers. You have such a wonderful and unique blog. Soon you'll be celebrating 2,000 followers. :)

Also, I loved Patricia's husband's comments. ;)

I'm inclined to agree...I want either Syphilis (there's a sentence I never thought I'd type) or Herpes is rather adorable (another sentence I didn't see coming from me in my lifetime ;)

authorlolasharp {at} g mail {dot} com

Munk said...

I don't need your disease... but I do need medical Mondays...
Did I mess something? Hope you are well.

Munk said...

I don't need your disease... but I do need medical Mondays...
Did I mess something? Hope you are well.

Jemi Fraser said...

Those are absolutely hysterical!!!! I'd love a stuffed STI seeing as I teach sex ed. I'd love to see the kids' faces when I show them!!! :)

RosieC said...

What a great contest idea. Those things are so cute! I can't say, though, that I'd have any idea what to do with these little guys (I'm kind of an aspiring domestic minimalist), so I think I'd opt for the gift card.

So happy to meet you on the bloghop. Your blog looks fantastic. Thanks for holding the contest.

rlconnolly01 [at] gmail [dot] com

Walt M said...

COngrats on #600. Boy do I have a way to go to catch up.

I want a disease you can get rid of eventually, not one that has to be managed. However, I'll go with the gift card as my wife thinks my bookstore obsession is a disease in and of itself.


Jonene Ficklin said...

This is quite a twist on germ-warfare - making them cute and huggable, ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. I guess I'll go with the least worrysome and choose the cold. Thanks for the fun contest!

Madeleine said...

ROFL! I love this. Rhinovirus is something I get a lot, so I guess he'd be my choice.What a great giveaway! :O)

Madeleine said...

Ooops my email address is:
Just incase.So exciting! :O))))))

Gail said...

Well aren't you sweet to hand out diseases to everyone! Can't say you never gave us anything:-) While that blue rhinovirus is cute, and he's visited with me on numerous occasions, I think I'd like the B & N gift card, minus germs! Great giveaway Lydia and congrats on 600+ followers! OR

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

considering my xcitement at reaching 100 i'm enjoying your response to 600+!!
count me in for the gift card plz")

Kelly said...

This is too funny!!!!
I've had too many illnesses from sore throat to stomach virus to inflammation of the sclera this winter so I'll choose the bookcard if I win.
But I never thought a virus would be so cute and tempting.

J.C. Martin said...

I've seen a couple of these from my school teaching days! I adore the chicken pox virus or the beer yeast!

Ishta Mercurio said...

I LOVE these! We've got a brain cell. :-)

I'd love to get Syphilis from you! Love that curly spring action. ;-) (I so appreciate the geeking-out today.)

Ishta Mercurio said...

Whoops. Email: ishtamerc AT gmail DOT com: Syphilis for the win!

And congrats on 600 followers!

Holly Jones said...

I've just got over the flu, so I think I might prefer the gift card :)


Krista said...

Awesome! Herpes please!

Zoƫ said...

I'd love the cold virus, such an adorable little blue guy, too bad I already have so many floating around inside me at the moment!


Holly Ruggiero said...

Those are the cutest little diseases I’ve ever seen. How totally appropriate for your blog. The common cold is the cutest!

Abby Minard said...

Ooh, Ooh, I want syphilis! My email should be linked to my name. Great contest Lydia! (I realized I hadn't entered yet!)

Deb Salisbury said...

ROFL! I don't know how I missed this post!

I'd love to catch the common cold. ;-) I don't have one at the moment. LOL!

Jadi said...

I would like the gift card, but If I was dying to have a disease? I'll take the flu I guess. I'm used to catching it annually.

Julia King said...

I would have Stiff Person Syndrome as seen at the following link:
Makes you fall over. Not that bad if a cute guy is my vicinity. He can pick me up. Hehe!

Christie Wright Wild said...

I love the chicken pox plush one! Congrats on 600! Thanks for the cool contest!

KatyDid said...

Those things are so cool…

I’ve got a couple platelets at home.

I’m not giving them away, though. I’ve been told I need them…

Liz said...

The syphilis one is suprisingly cute--reminds me of one of the bad guys from Qbert! However, even a cute anthropomorphic germ might set my germphobic husband off, so I'd probably have to request the gift card instead! Thanks for the giveaway!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious sore throat.

Bailee Beam said...

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Nicole A said...

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Caroline Smith said...


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4. ALS
9. LUPUS (Lupus Vulgaris or Lupus Erythematosus)