Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tagged! Tell the Truth Tuesday

So I've been tagged by Rebecca Knight.

As per the rules, I must confess copiously, and tag three more people. Fun!

1. I like salty food. I'd shrivel up into a meatball if someone didn't take the Honey Mustard pretzels away from me.

2. I'm convinced that diet soda makes people fat. (That's pop for us Midwesterners)

3. I still want an Easy-Bake oven. I never got over being jealous of my sister's.

4. I eat while reading, and my books are always stained with food. Which is why I'll never get a Kindle. I short-circuit the thing with spaghetti sauce.

5. My house is infested with ladybugs. If they're lucky, I'm set for life.

6. I hate regular ball point pens. I get hangina (hand angina). Must use gel pens.

7. Chartreuse is my favorite color. It is NOT called Kelly Green.

8. I can cuss in sign language.

9. I can tell anyone how to take their pills in Spanish, or what a colonoscopy is, but I can't order from a Spanish restaurant menu, or talk about the weather.

10. At one point in my life I was allergic to tropical sun. Yeah, like poison ivy. Sad but true.

And now I'm happy to tag some other lovely blogger followers.

Laura Diamond Just awesome.

Deb Salisbury Sweet blog links!

Kat Harris Lovely blog.


Nisa said...

Ouch! Tropical sun? Poor thing! I'm with you on the salty food. And the diet soda for that matter.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha. You are too funny. I especially love #2, 4, 7, and 9. :-)

DaniSue said...

I thought the same thing about the Kindle, but it is actually so much easier to read and eat with a Kindle than a regular book! No turning pages, no holding the book open, seriously all you need is one clean finger to push the "next page" button :)

Lydia Kang said...

Only one clean finger! I can do that! It sounds tempting...

cipherqueen said...

Love #6 and #3! Gel pens are SO much better… #8 I assume you mean besides the finger… but I can cuss in ASL, even though I don’t. ;D

Deb Salisbury said...

Hi Lydia! Thanks for the shout out. Now I need to think up ten things ... But I'm running late, so it won't be tonight.

lbdiamond said...

Tag! Oh my goodness, LOL!

Thanks! (Psst, great confessions, by the way.)

Kat Harris said...

Tengo hambre. Yo quiero Taco Bell.



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