Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy and no, I have not been drinking.
Please. One beer and I'd need a trip to the ER.

I just finished up a two-hour session with the Seven Doctors Project writing group tonight and (brace yourselves--gonna get all Hallmarky on you)---I love having a writing family.

Having people aroud you who love the craft of writing--poetry, prose, whatever--is an enormous relief. I am proud to say that I write but for a long time I was bothered by the weird looks zinged at me when I disclosed my secret other life. I wondered if I oozed the scent aerosolized coffee grounds from hanging out at the Blueline. Or maybe they thought, "Geez. I thought she looked okay to me."

Yeah. My world's axis spins a little more askew than it did before, and it's splendid. And part of the splendiferousness is because I have an amazingly supportive group of writer friends here in Omaha, and as far out as Malaysia in the virtual world. They don't give up on me and they push me to be better. And when I'm having a crap day, they yank me up and start quoting Galaxy Quest. Never give up...never surrender.

Are you blushing yet people?


Deb Salisbury said...

LOL! Hurray for good support groups!

Anonymous said...

A good support group is so important for a writer, especially because it's such a solitary endeavor. It's wonderful that you've found yours. :]

Anonymous said...

I love my virtural peeps! The people I've met online have been soooooo helpful in teaching me and supporting me. Now if only there were writers close by to meet...*wishful thinking* (Will have to do some searching, methinks!)

Lizzy Mason said...

How fitting since I just gave you a blog award on my blog today--for being such a supportive and fabulous friend! :)

Here's the post: